Destillerie Dwersteg | Philosophie
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Monika and Ludger Teriete are the fourth generation to run the company.

For over 130 years, neither the traditional artisanal methods of our manufacturing, nor our demands for the highest quality and authentic taste has changed. We attach particular importance to the continuation of this tradition and continue to rely on manual craftsmanship.

Based on old family recipes, we continuously develop new liqueur and spirit variations. In the range “Dwersteg Organic” we, as one of the first companies worldwide, have produced noble liqueurs and spirits from organic and fair trade commodities since 1996.


Quality consciousness and the passion with which we produce our liqueurs, based on long-term and valued relationships with our customers and suppliers, as well as sustainable management, are extremely important to us.

At the centre point has always stood the unadulterated taste of the product, unclouded by additives or artificial flavours.

Self made essences and selected ingredients give each product its unique and distinctive character.

Historical recipe books are the foundation of all new creations.


Protecting the natural resources of our planet through the sustainable use of nature!


We have been producing organic products since 1996. Since 2009 we only use paper from FSC certified sources and have converted the entire operation to green electricity. This is our contribution to the protection of water, soil and forests, thus preserving biodiversity.


Our elder-flowers come from the natural Mainauen region, picked from wild elderberry bushes.

“Only a sustainable economy that takes into account economic, environmental and social affairs, is sustainable. Culinary delights, and responsibility for people and nature along the entire value chain belong inseparably together.”


Our trade relations – both in purchasing and with customers are made transparent and fair. The majority of the raw materials used for our liqueurs come from world fair trade. The main criteria for fair trade are to deal directly with the producers, pay at least minimum prices, finance the harvest in advance, guarantee environmental standards and long-term purchases.

Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar
Whole cane sugar (Mascobado) from the Philippines
Raw cane sugar from Paraguay
Cocoa from the Dominican Republic