Trust in quality, values and tradition

Private Label

Trust in quality, values and tradition

With the highest standards of reliable quality and passion, we produce for our private label partners as well as for our own product lines.

We use only organic and fair-trade raw materials.

It is with pleasure and a little pride that we look back on the long-standing business relationships with our private label partners, which are based on appreciation.

Our partners:

Contigo fairtrade

Café Creme Liqueur
creamy soft seduction from freshly roasted coffee beans.

The essence of freshly and artisan roasted CONTIGO organic and fair trade coffee, eggs and whole cane sugar is used in a gentle production process to create this noble Café Crème Liqueur. A hint of vanilla completes this delicacy.

Contigo fairtrade

Café Liqueur
Uniquely aromatic delight made from freshly roasted coffee beans
The incomparable aroma of freshly roasted CONTIGO coffee beans gives this clear café liqueur its character. In several handcrafted steps, a coffee essence is produced from the Arabica according to an old tradition, which is the basis for this speciality.

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Die drei Schokojungs

Cocoa liqueur
A mild liqueur with finely balanced cocoa roast notes.
A cocoa extract is made from the nibs of the cocoa beans and the natural cocoa aroma becomes the basis for this finely mild cocoa liqueur.
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Cocoa Online Shop ⋆ Die drei Schokojungs Osnabrück

Privat-Brauerei Hohenfelde

Hopfen Gin
Two that get on well together: Hops and gin. Chin-chin!
Organic Dry Gin with a fine hoppy note.
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Hohenfelder Privatbrauerei

Walhalla Romantik Hotel Osnabrück & Olle Use

Use Gin
A premium product with exceptional purity

Unlike most other gins, Use Gin is based on a wine distillate that is refined with botanicals such as juniper berries and other secret ingredients.
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Spirit 49 GmbH

Pure Organic Gin made from untreated juniper berries, enriched with the spicy, tart note of German hop blossom and unmistakably refined with the floral essences of Westphalian sage. It is a matter of honour that only ingredients from 100% controlled organic cultivation are used for this exceptional gin.
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Spirit 49 GmbH

Rheine Bentlage

R(h)eine Gottesgabe Dry Gin
Premium Dry Gin, refined with natural salt from the Rheine - Bentlage salt works.

The Dry Gin "R(h)eine Gottesgabe" concentrates on the essentials: a strong juniper with a light floral note of orange and lavender blossoms. And the pinch of Bentlager evaporated salt leads to a surprising, mild flavour note.
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Saline Gottesgabe " Dry Gin R(h)eine Gottesgabe


Tatico Orange Liqueur
Autumn-sweet orange liqueur
Mediterranean sweet oranges are processed into noble essences in several traditional artisan steps for this autumn-sweet orange liqueur.


Tatico coffee liqueur
classic coffee liqueur

In several traditional artisan steps, a high-quality coffee essence is produced from Tatico speciality coffee, which forms the basis for this classic coffee liqueur.
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Völlige Fichte Jokuff & Wolters GbR

Völlige Fichte Gin
A fresh gin with a special note of Westphalian spruce.
According to old traditional methods and exclusively from organic ingredients, a pure gin forms the basis for the Völlige Fichte Gin. The fresh spruce shoots are processed into a spruce essence and give the gin a very special note.

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Gin from the Münsterland | Nordwalde | Völlige Fichte