Manufacture and innovation

Craft tastes different

Handcraft tastes different – and handcraft takes time. And that’s what we take in the Dwersteg Distillery: for individual recipes, the gentle processing of organic raw materials by hand, the art of maceration and essences from our own production.


For our products we purchase raw materials from organic farming and work exclusively with self-made essences, alcohol and water.

We proceed according to old family traditions

We maintain traditional methods in the art of distillation. This process of maceration extracts the existing plant flavours with the use of alcohol. The preparation of the plant, such as the washing, peeling and shredding, is done by hand. The fruits natural dyes, herbs, roots and woods, are also carried over into the macerates.

Based on old family recipes we continuously develop new liqueur and spirit variations. We let nature, its scents and its flavours, inspire us again and again to create new products.

Our inspiration

Product development in the distillery resembles the work of composers or perfume makers.

“The combination of ingredients is a creative process which requires experience and intuition, resulting in memories of travels to far off foreign lands.”