We have some great news from our company!

"The focus has always been on the unadulterated taste of the product, untarnished by additives or artificial flavors." Ludger Teriete

There is great news from our house!

For more than four decades and in the fourth generation, the Dwersteg distillery, with our traditional house in Borghorst since 1882, has been run by us, Monika and Ludger Teriete, with a lot of love and passion. The Dwersteg distillery was one of the first spirits manufacturers in the world to produce an organic line and place it on the market. At first we were smiled at for this, today we are a popular role model and have received many awards. Since then, we and our wonderful team have been producing only top-class organic spirits, liqueurs and essences from purely ecological and fair-trade ingredients.

Now this spirit and our passion for the Westphalian tradition, way of life and its corresponding values, but also our consistent will and courage for and for contemporary trends and sustainable action are passed on to the fifth generation! We, Monika and Ludger, for many of you also Mo and Loui, are of course still at your side with advice and a little less action.

Nicole Scharte & Frank Krekeler have been the owners and successors of our traditional house since July 1st, 2023.

Their heart also beats for traditional craftsmanship, pleasure and lifestyle, and they will continue the distillery with the appropriate passion. And we've known each other for a long time. For 6 years now, Nicole Scharte has been working and processing our products with her team in her cooking school & event location "Lemperhaus" in Münster with success and with the highest quality standards. The spirits, liqueurs & essences are processed there in aperitifs, cocktails, menus and desserts, but are also offered for direct sale in the "Feinkunsthaus" and on the online platform "Genusskaufhaus".

Nicole and Frank are happy if you will continue to accompany the Dwersteg distillery in the future.

What unites us all is the conviction that we only want to work with the best raw materials and products, be it from local and regional manufacturers, but also with selected products from all over the world. We have a great journey behind us and an optimistic outlook ahead of us. Sustainable enjoyment is important to us, the many satisfied customers agree that we are right and allow an extremely positive view of the future. Let's continue together on this long and correct path of the Dwersteg distillery in the fifth generation.

We look forward to it and especially to the fact that our philosophy will live on.

With kind regards
Monika & Ludger Teriete, Nicole Scharte & Frank Krekeler